Why switch audio does not work?

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As a karaoke software, it is important to allow user to switch between original vocal and accompaniment audio. However, in some cases, user finds nothing happened after clicking the switch audio button. Here is some detailed explanation and guidance on how to solve the problem.

Karaoke files (KTV) typically has separated audio channel/track for original vocal and accompaniment audio. For the program to properly switch between original and accompaniment, you need to configure the settings of a given KTV record. Right click on the KTV record in search results, select details, that will bring up the settings of this KTV record. In the properties you will find Original and Accompaniment. And their values are typically like "Left Channel", "Right Channel", "Audio 0", "Audio 1" etc. The program use such settings to play original or accompaniment. Therefore, if that setting is not correct, the program will not be able to play what you expect.

To find out the correct setting, you can try various combination of these two settings, and try to play the file and do switch audio. Apparently that's not an efficient way.

A better approach is to enable the program to show you all the options and change the audio selection on the fly. To do that, open application settings, select User Interface, check the option "Show detailed audio channel/track above Switch Audio button". Close application setting dialog, move the mouse to switch audio button, you can see a popup with all available channel/tracks. Click on each option, the player will try to play selected channel or track. By that way, you will be able to figure out the right setting for original vocal and accompaniment audio, then update the KTV record accordingly, and you will be able to switch between original and accompaniment by a single click on Switch Audio button.

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